How to pass the Pearson Foundations of Reading Test

If you are trying to pass the MTEL or another state certification test to become a certified teacher, you may be required to take and pass the Pearson Foundations of Reading Test. There are many resources and practice tests out there. However, be sure you are keeping a few things in mind when preparing for this exam.

Foundation of Reading Test Objectives

There is a TON of information in the objectives of the Pearson Foundations of Reading Test. Be sure you read through all that detailed info and get a sense of what is on the exam. The test makers have provided you with a comprehensive test specification for the exam. You can find this info in the test information section. You can see the objectives of the exam here.

Foundation of Reading Practice Tests

Taking practice tests over and over is not the most effective way to prepare for this exam. While practice tests are amazing tools, you should thoroughly understand the objectives on the exam and be able to demonstrate your knowledge. This test is more than simply showing your understanding of the content. You will be required to work through scenarios and choose the best answer out of several good answers. Therefore, you must dig into the skills you’ll need to be an effective reading teacher. The following are just a few of the skills you will need to demonstrate on the exam.

Foundational Skills

You will be required to distinguish among all the different foundational reading skills use appropriate assessments, prescribe proper interventions, and differentiate accordingly.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonological Continuum

It’s not enough to know what these two skills are; you will have to determine where on the continuum students fall and how to meet the students’ specific needs.


Beyond understanding how comprehension works with students, you will be required to determine what type of comprehension students are using and how to increase these skills for both literary and informational text.

Open Response

This section requires you to apply and demonstrate your skills in all areas of the test. You will have to write 2 essays responding to a prompt about foundational skills and a prompt about comprehension. You will be required to identify strengths and weaknesses in the student’s reading. You will also be required to prescribe an intervention and defend that decision based on data.

Before you flip to the back of the study guide and try to memorize practice test questions, I would advise that you get to know the foundational skills students move through as they learn to read. This will not only help you pass your exam, but it will also make you a highly effective reading instructor.


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