GACE Program Admission Assessment Study Guide - Physical

GACE Program Admission Assessment Study Guide - Physical

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The NavaED GACE Program Admission Assessment study guide with practice tests is fully aligned to the skills and competencies assessed on the exam. The study guide is over 300 pages with practice test questions that cover everything assessed on the GACE test, so you can pass your exam the first time you take it. The NavaED GACE study guide includes:

  • Detailed content sections for all content categories for all 3 subtests, so you understand everything covered on the exam.
  • Relevant practice test questions similar to what you will see on the test, so you can practice the specific skills for each type of test question.
  • Detailed answer explanations for every test question in the study guide, so you know exactly why you answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Test tips and strategies specific to the GACE test, so you can think like a test maker and not a test taker.
  • Reading strategies and an at-home practice plan, so you can manage your study time.
  • 2 grammar practice tests with 80 practice questions, so you can practice your grammar skills in context.
  • Sample essay prompts and example essays, so you can practice your writing skills.
  • 2 math practice tests with 112 practice questions and detailed answer explanations, so you can be a math pro on test day.

The subtests covered in this study guide are:

  1. Reading 210 - short passages, long passages, double passages, charts and graphs, and accompanying test question.
  2. Math 211 - numbers and quantity, data interpretation and representation, statistics and probability, algebra, and geometry
  3. Writing 212 - language skills, grammar, usage, punctuation, research skills, and text production (argumentative essay and source-based essay)