New Teacher Resume and Interview Prep from Start to Finish

New Teacher Resume and Interview Prep from Start to Finish

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Land your dream teaching job when you attend this LIVE course. This is not just a video course, we will be working in real-time on your resume and interview prep.

Whether you're a brand new teacher with zero teaching experience, or someone who wants to change schools, this class is for you!

The LIVE course includes two, 2-hour sessions.


April 1, 2023 from 10AM - 12PM  - Build an Impressive Teacher Resume

  • Learn all the important elements of a teacher resume that will make it pop among all the other resume submitted.
  • Learn how to take the job description and reflect all its important components in your resume, so you immediately meet the criteria school administrators are looking for.
  • Learn how to tailor your resume for different schools, so your resume is specific to each job.
  • Work on your resume during the course, so you have a completed resume by the time the course is over.
  • Download and use a resume a template that is clean and aesthetically pleasing, so your resume goes to the top of the pile. 
  • Construct a simple and effective cover letter, so you grab the attention of those hiring.
  • Get the replay, so you can review and revise your resume when you need to.


April 8, 2023 from 10AM - 12PM  - Teacher Interview Prep

  • Practice with a set of questions used by most principals and interview committees, so you're ready for anything. 
  • Learn how to answer questions specific to reading and math achievement, so you can show your effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Learn common pitfalls to avoid, so your interview is seamless.
  • Understand what questions you should ask when the interview is almost over (Lots of people get stuck on this one).
  • Download the common interview questions, so you can practice after the session is over.
  • Get the replay, so you can review the session and practice on your own.

What do I get when I purchase this course?

When you purchase the course you receive:

  1. Two live, 2-hour sessions--one for the resume and one for the interview.

  2. Two resume templates

  3. A set of interview questions you can use to practice with

  4. Unlimited replays of the sessions

What is the difference between the paid course and the free course?

The free webinars are just a snippet of what you get with the paid course. They are amazing resources, but they only scratch the surface of what the paid course does.

The paid course is two, 2-hour sessions and they cover much more material than the free webinars.

For the resume portion of the course, I have built in time to work on your resume, so you will have a completed document by the time you're finished with session one.

In addition, you will receive two templates for your resume, which allow you to simply plug in the information, so you don't have to worry about formatting.

By the end, you will have an easy-to-read, aesthetically pleasing resume that is packed full of important information the hiring principal is looking for.

For the interview session, we will practice with a list of questions that I have compiled that many principals ask during interviews. Not only will we break each question down, you will get a copy of those questions to practice with on your own.

What if I cannot attend the live session?

The live sessions will be recorded. So even if you cannot attend live, you will get the replays and all the resources.

How long is the course?

The course is two, 2-hour sessions. The first 2-hour session is for the resume portion of the course, and the second 2-hour session is for the interview portion of the course.

Does this course come with a guarantee?

We cannot guarantee what will happen when you apply and interview for a job. However, we believe this course will help you achieve your goal of getting the job you want.

Does the course expire?

Nope. You can use this course for as long as you need it. Once the live session is completed, I will upload it to my learning management system where you will have access to it.

Can I purchase just the resume or just the interview session?

Yes, just click the drop-down arrow next to that "add to cart button. You can get just the resume or just the interview session if you only need one.

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