Pearson Foundations of Reading Webinar and Study Guide
Kathleen Jasper

Pearson Foundations of Reading Webinar and Study Guide

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IMPORTANT: Online courses come with their corresponding digital study guides. Therefore, you do not have to buy the digital book when you buy the online course.

Included with the webinar: 

  • NEW Foundations of Reading digital study  
  • Full, 2-hour webinar you can watch on demand.

In this webinar, I cover everything on the exam: 

Subarea I: Foundations of Reading Development

Subarea II: Development of Reading Comprehension

Subarea III: Reading Assessment and Instruction

Subarea IV: Integration of Knowledge and Understanding (Writing Task)

Open Response - Prepare an organized, developed analysis on a topic related to one or more of the subareas on the exam. 

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Holly Crum

Pearson Foundations of Reading Webinar and Study Guide

odalys s Companioni
Your videos and advice are professional. Thanks

Dear K. Jasper,
I frequently watch your videos and that of other experts, I study the guides, I do the exercises according to the competences but I still fail FTCE Professional exam. Can you give me private training? The extension of my certificate expires on June 30, 2022.
Odalys 786-3701112.

Sladana Pavlovic
Excellent Webinar

Well prepared as always.
Easy to understand , simple explained!
Big thank you for all your hard work!
Wish you all the best!
Merry Christmas!

Passed CT FORT

I passed my Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test on the first try. I studied from this study guide and also used 240 Tutoring. I started with the 240 Tutoring study, but then it became too lengthy so then I purchased this study guide to give it a try. NavaED study guide definitely is straight to the point. She also has videos on YouTube that teach you how to target and answer the two open responses. Those videos were SUPER helpful. Thank you NavaED.

I am thrilled you found the Foundations of Reading helpful. This book was very important to me to get right. That test is tough with lots of nuances. Thank you so much for the review, and well done on passing your exam.


Great love all your videos

Thank you so much. I am so glad you're here. :)