Pearson Foundations of Reading Webinar and Study Guide
Kathleen Jasper

Pearson Foundations of Reading Webinar and Study Guide

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Included with the webinar: 

  • NEW Foundations of Reading digital study  
  • Full, 2-hour webinar you can watch on demand.

In this webinar, I cover everything on the exam: 

Subarea I: Foundations of Reading Development

Subarea II: Development of Reading Comprehension

Subarea III: Reading Assessment and Instruction

Subarea IV: Integration of Knowledge and Understanding (Writing Task)

Open Response - Prepare an organized, developed analysis on a topic related to one or more of the subareas on the exam. 

Customer Reviews

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Great love all your videos

Thank you so much. I am so glad you're here. :)

Genie Shin

This book and seminar helped me to learn from basic in ELA. I am studying NYTCE ELA Pearson test. Not like PRAXIS, There are not enoug study materials and learning videos about NY state exam Pearson. This Pearson reading test prep explained the basic version of NY state Pearson test.

Awesome. I am so glad we could help you with your exam. Thank you for the review.

Beatrice Fairbanks
Excellent Resource/ Test Book

Excellent book, step by step the author explains reason behind the answer choice. It’s not just studying for testing but l am using as reference resources book. It also broaden my knowledge e.g. morphology, diphthongs etc. vocabulary l haven’t used before now it’s part of my vocabulary. The book have myriad samples and exercises/practice scenarios closely related to the actual test maker thought process. Thank you

This makes me so happy. Thank you so much for the review. Yay diphthongs!

Paige Dukes
Reading webinar

I enjoyed it. I learned a lot. She is very easy to listen to very well spoken. She explains everything very clear and precise. Waiting on help for special education now. Thanks

Thanks for the thoughtful review, Paige. I am thrilled you enjoyed the webinar. :)