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Praxis 5008 and 7813 - MATH

Praxis 5008 and 7813 - MATH

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What does the Praxis 5008 and 7813 math online course consist of?

This course focuses solely on the math portion for the Praxis 5008 and 7813. The course consists of a webinar and an accompanying digital study guide. The 5008 and the 7813 are very similar exams, so we bundled them together for this course. The course includes:

  • A 1-hour 15 minute webinar discussing different problems and scenarios you'll see on the exam.
  • PowerPoint slides that go with the webinar
  • A study guide with 155 pages of content aligned with the test specifications and blueprint.
  • Three practice tests with answer explanations organized by skill

Are the Praxis 5008 and 7813 hard to pass?

These exams not only test your ability to do math, but they also test your ability to teach math. Questions on this exam are lengthy and are scenario-based. You will have to understand the correct way to complete math problems and even the correct processes students must use in the classroom.

But fear not This course covers it all.

How many questions do I have to get right to pass the test?

It is difficult to predict exactly how many questions you must get correct to pass because a scale score is used rather than a raw score. This means that your raw score–the number of questions you get correct–is put into a formula to calculate a scale score.

To keep things simple, we recommend scoring at least a 75% on the practice tests before you go in to take the exam. Getting 75% of the questions correct when you practice indicates you are ready to take the actual test.

If you would like to learn more about how Praxis exams are scored, check out this blog.

Does the course have the same questions as the real exam?

While our online course is aligned with the test, it is against testing policy to share items on the actual exam. State tests are secure, standardized, and heavily regulated.

There are hundreds of test questions in the item banks for each exam. When you take the exam, your version of the test will be different from other versions and will have questions randomly pulled from the item banks. This ensures test security, validity, and reliability. Trying to memorize what you think will be on your test is an exercise in futility. Instead, you should study the skills and content outlined in the specifications and blueprint of the exam.

Everything in our course is aligned with the test specifications and blueprint for the exam. That way, you can review how the test is designed and what skills are assessed. The questions in our course are structured similarly to what you will encounter on test day, but they are not the same exact questions on the real exam.

Why is this course for both the 5008 and 7813?

We get a ton of requests for help with the math portions of elementary education exams, specifically for these two exams. Therefore, we decided to make a course that is solely focused on math content and skills. Because the 5008 and the 7813 are very similar exams, we bundled them together for this course.

Does this online course come with practice tests?

Yes. There are three full practice tests in the study guide that accompany the course.

How long should I study for this exam?

People have a range of skill levels when it comes to math, so it is difficult to predict exactly how long you should study. However, we recommend short, incremental practice over time. This is much better than cramming all of your studying into one or two weekends.

We believe 20-30-minute study sessions over a 1-2 week period for this exam is ideal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rhonda Cromer

Your materials were very helpful. I still ran out of time again due to the lengthy questions. In many cases, reading the task question and answer choices were not enough and I had to go back and read the scenarios. If I have to take it again, I am at a loss of figuring out how to test faster.
With that being said, I still found your materials very helpful. Thank you

Kelly Smith

Praxis 5008 and 7813 - MATH

Jessica Kaelyn Alvarado
Perfect Resource for 7813

I don't usually leave reviews for products, let alone study materials, but I had to leave one for this resource from the wonderful Mrs. Jasper. As someone who is horrible at taking exams, I was shocked when I found I passed Praxis 7813 my first and only time. I was honestly terrified three weeks prior to taking the exam because I had taken the practice test provided by ETS and failed it. I spent about a week studying other math materials and felt like I couldn't understand anything in the aspects of geometry and algebra. I stumbled upon Mrs. Jasper's videos on youtube when searching for more help and came across her website and products. I didn't have much time left before the exam date and decided to take a chance and try this product. I spent about a week and three days studying the entire book and going through the problems. While there were still things I feel like I lacked a deeper understanding in, but I felt more secure. I took the exam, and boy was I surprised that I passed. I honestly thought I would not pass since I failed the math core praxis exam three years ago and had to retake it three times until I passed. I am so thankful to have found this product and I think it is well worth the price. Please, if you are not good at test taking like me, get this. Learn how to think like a test maker and pass the exams the first time. Thank you Kathleen Jasper, you are brilliant.

Excellent resource

I’m so glad I purchased this study guide. I felt prepared to take the exam on test day. I only needed a score of 150 but I scored 177! This study guide and the videos on Kathleen’s YouTube channel set me up for success. Highly recommend.

Mrs Gill
A great help

I was getting nervous about the test, but the explanations and information was very helpful and calmed my nerves.