Do the Study Guides Have the Same Questions as the Exams?

We get this question a lot. Some people are looking for a study guide with the exact same questions they'll see on test day. Not only is this impossible, it is against the law.

Just like your students are not given the state test questions before they take their exams at the end of the year, you will not be privy to the questions on your teacher certification exam.  

State tests are secure, standardized, and heavily regulated. It is against testing policy to share items you see on your certification exams. In addition, ETS–the company that makes the Praxis exams–has hundreds of test questions in their item banks for each exam.

When you take the exam, your version of the test has questions randomly pulled from these item banks. Therefore, trying to memorize what you think will be on your test is an exercise in futility.

Instead, you should study the skills and content outlined in the specifications and blueprint of the exam. 

The questions in our study guide are structured similarly to what you will encounter on test day. We align all of our questions to the test specification and blueprint.

In fact, we provide the test specifications and blueprints for each section in our study guides.

This ensures you’re studying the content and practicing the skills you will need to be successful on test day. 

Test administration is a complicated process, but understanding this will help you be successful on your exam. It is not a secret how testing companies mange their tests. I break it all down in this video.

So remember, try not to focus on exact content you think might be on the exam. Instead, prepare effectively by studying the skills and content on the exam. You can find this information by accessing the test blueprints and specification. 

Here is an example of a test blueprint. Notice it outlines the percentage of questions by each skill on the exam.

What's on the Praxis Core

A test specification is more detailed, and outlines all the smaller skills assessed on the exam. Below is an example of a test specification.

What's on the Praxis Core

These documents are not secret. ETS provides this information for each exam in their study companions. You can access the study companion for every test HERE.

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