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Praxis Reading Specialist 5301 Online Course

Praxis Reading Specialist 5301 Online Course

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What does the Praxis 5301 online course consist of?

This is 2 hour webinar fully aligned with the Praxis Reading Specialist 5301 test. The course includes:
  • Detailed content sections for all sections of the test, so you understand everything covered on the exam.
  • Study guide aligned with the exam with practice test questions and detailed answer explanations.
  • Detailed constructed-response practice prompts and video to show you exactly how to approach the writing.
  • Practice test questions organized by skill, so you can practice the specific skills for each type of test question you’ll see on the exam.
  • Detailed answer explanations for every test question in the study guide, so you know exactly why you answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Test tips and strategies specific to the exam, so you can think like a test maker and pass the first time.

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Is the Praxis 5301 hard to pass?

The Praxis 5301 is intended for those who are being considered for supervisory positions in the area of reading and writing in K-12 education.

Obtaining a passing score on the exam is achievable. However, you must have a comprehensive understanding of pedagogical and leadership practices in the area of reading instruction.

There are 80 selected-response questions, one constructed-response question, and one case study. The constructed response and case study require you to write in response to reading scenarios.

You will have a total of two hours to complete the exam.

There are five sections to the Praxis 5301. The first five sections are selected-response. The final section is the constructed-response portion of the exam. The five sections include:

  1. Assessment and diagnostic teaching
  2. Reading and writing development
  3. Leadership skills and specialized knowledge of pedagogical principles and instructional practices
  4. Professional Learning and Leadership (constructed-response)
  5. Analysis of Individual Student Case Study (constructed-response)

It's a complicated test. But fear not! Our study guide covers it all.

How many questions do I have to get right to pass the Praxis 5301?

It is difficult to predict exactly how many questions you must get correct to pass the Praxis 5301 because a scale score is used rather than a raw score. This means that your raw score–how many you got correct–is put into a formula to calculate a scale score.

To keep things simple, we recommend scoring at least a 75% on the practice tests before you go in to take the exam. Getting 75% of the questions correct when you practice indicates you are ready to take the actual test.

For the constructed-response portion of the exam, scoring gets more complicated. Constructed-response questions are scored by trained educational professionals. Two scorers will independently rate each of your written responses, and a third will weigh in if the two graders do not agree within one point. The constructed response portion of Praxis 5301 is 20% of the overall score of the exam.

If you would like to learn more about how Praxis exams are scored, check out this blog.

Does the online course have the same questions as the real exam?

While our online course is aligned with the test, it is against testing policy to share items on the actual exam. State tests are secure, standardized, and heavily regulated.

There are hundreds of test questions in the item banks for each exam. When you take the exam, your version of the test will be different from other versions and will have questions randomly pulled from the item banks. This ensures test security, validity, and reliability. Trying to memorize what you think will be on your test is an exercise in futility. Instead, you should study the skills and content outlined in the specifications and blueprint of the exam.

Everything in our online course is aligned with the test specifications and blueprint for the exam. That way, you can review how the test is designed and what skills are assessed. The questions in our course are structured similarly to what you will encounter on test day, but they are not the same exact questions on the real exam.

Is this the best resource for the Praxis 5301?

Obviously, we believe our Praxis 5301 online course is the very best resource you can purchase to prepare for the test. The course has a full webinar that focuses on the skills and content you need to pass the exam. We’ve aligned all of the information to the test specifications and blueprint. This ensures you are studying what you will see on test day–nothing more, nothing less.

The course comes with a study guide and contains a full-length practice test with answer explanations.

Finally, the course comes with a comprehensive constructed-response section that will help you prepare for the writing section of the exam.

Does the online course contain practice tests?

Yes. The course comes with a study guide and contains a practice test with detailed answer explanations organized by skill and content category.

How long should I study for the Praxis 5301?

People have a range of skill levels, so it is difficult for us to give you a specific number of days or hours you should spend on your studies. This exam covers expansive content for each section of the test, so we recommend short, incremental practice over time. This is much better than cramming all of your studying into one or two weekends.

We believe 20-30-minute study sessions over a 1-2 week period is ideal.

You will also need time to practice your writing for the constructed-response section. We have several writing prompts for you to practice with, and we provide the test specification, blueprint, and constructed-response scoring rubric, so you can evaluate your writing as you prepare.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
anna okeeffe
Reading Specialist

Very good program, but even after doing the prep, passing the NYSED exam and getting an MS in Literacy, I was not feeling prepared when the Praxis exam appeared on my screen. The questions were very different from the prep questions.

Dominique Duvalsaint
Praxis Reading Specialist 5301

The online course is quite comprehensive. Be prepared to take lots of notes and listen to it again if you need to. All of these reading exams are designed to discourage you from jump but Dr. Jasper immediately lets you know that this is something you can definitely pass when she breaks down how the scores are actually calculated. This gave me hope and it was just what I needed. Get this course if you are taking any Praxis Reading test and I'm positive you won't regret it!

Rhonda Everett
Nava Ed Reading Specialist 5301

I absolutely loved the webinar and study guide that came with it. There were plenty of sample test questions. I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone taking a reading test. Kathleen Jasper knows what she is talking about and is so easy to learn from. I could literally watch her all day. Thanks to her I felt so much more confident taking the 5205 Reading Praxis.

Thank you so much Rhonda. I really appreciate your thoughtful review. :)

Kim W.
Praxis Reading Specialist 5301

I just found out I passed my Praxis exam – Teaching Reading (5205). I couldn’t have done it without this course. I can’t thank you enough. The material you had provided for 5301 was perfect, the videos to the study guides to the practice exams were incredible. I felt so stressed because there isn’t a lot of material out there. I plan to get certified in other areas and plan to only use your materials.

Well done Kim! Thank you so much for using our resources and for the thoughtful review.