School Leadership Exams - Exceptional Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 Test Prep Solutions

Master the Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 with Our Superior Study Tools

Unlock your potential with our meticulously crafted study guides and comprehensive online courses, expertly designed to lead you to success on the Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 exams. We offer top-tier study materials that perfectly align with the specifications and blueprints of the Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 exams, ensuring that you stay focused on what's essential.

Our Study Guides for Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 are filled with hundreds of practice test questions to help you evaluate your understanding and boost your exam readiness. Coupled with our masterful test strategies, they provide you with the knowledge and the plan you need to navigate the exams successfully.

Our Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 Online Courses offer a versatile learning experience. These self-paced courses offer tutorial videos for all sections of the exams, providing you with an engaging and comprehensive understanding of the materials. An added bonus is that every online course purchase comes with the digital version of our study guide, meaning you'll have a seamless blend of textual and visual learning aids.

Our Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6009 audio courses are an auditory learner's dream and a wonderful complement to the study guide. If you love putting in your headphones and learning while you clean the house, on your morning walk, or out for a drive, you'll love the audio courses. Use them in tandem with your study guide for maximum benefit.

Key Features of our Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 Test Prep Materials:

  • Aligned with Exam Blueprints: Our study guides and online courses perfectly mirror the test specifications and blueprints of the Praxis 5412 and SLLA 6990 exams, ensuring that you're always on track.
  • Extensive Practice Test Questions: Each study guide contains hundreds of practice test questions, enabling you to measure your readiness for the exams and familiarize yourself with the exam format.
  • Expert Test Strategies: With our expert test strategies, you’ll be equipped to approach the exam with confidence and ease.
  • Comprehensive Online Courses: Our self-paced online courses offer hours of tutorial videos that cover all content categories of the exams, providing an engaging and in-depth learning experience.
  • Includes the Study Guide: Every online course purchase includes the digital version of our comprehensive study guide, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to succeed.
  • Audio Courses: The audio courses are structured like podcasts. There are sections within the audio courses for every content category. Kathleen Jasper narrates the audio courses and walks you through the main concepts along with the nuances you need to understand to pass the exam. She also goes over good words to look for in selecting the correct answer choices and bad words to identify so you can eliminate wrong answer choices.

Your FAQs Answered

See below for the most frequently asked questions about our amazing study guides and online & audio courses.

What does the online course include?

The online course includes hours of video tutorials that go through every concept and content category of the exam. It also includes comprehensive preparation for the constructed-response portion of the SLLA 6990. The online course includes the digital study guide and the audio course. You have access to all of it when you buy the online course.

The online course is complete test prep from start to finish and includes all the resources.

What is the difference between the Praxis 5412 and the SLLA 6990

Both exams are exactly the same except for one thing: the SLLA 6990 has a constructed response portion and the Praxis 5412 does not. Both books are the same, so do not buy both. You only need one.

What's the difference between the physical study guide and the digital study guide?

Both the digital and physical study guides contain the exact same content. The only difference is the digital study guide is emailed to you immediately after purchase, and the physical study guide is sent to you in the mail via Amazon.

What if I do not see my digital study guide in my email?

Digital study guides are emailed to you immediately after your purchase. Be sure to check your spam/promotions folder. The guides come from our digital book distributor-- SendOwl. If you are still having trouble locating your digital study guide, please send us an email at, and it will be our pleasure to help.