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Praxis 5901 Elementary Education: 3 Subject Study Guide (Math, Social Studies, Science)

Praxis 5901 Elementary Education: 3 Subject Study Guide (Math, Social Studies, Science)

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What Does the Praxis Elementary 5901 study guide consist of?

Our Praxis 5901 study guide is fully aligned with the exam blueprint and test specifications. Our study guides have practice tests and content relevant to the test. The practice tests have detailed answer explanations so you can see why you got an answer correct or incorrect.

    Mathematics 5903:

    • Detailed explanations for 67+ skills
    • 98+ detailed examples/practice problems worked out
    • Testing tips specific to the Praxis II
    • Exam-specific vocabulary

    Social Studies 5904:

    • Detailed explanations for 18+ skills
    • Dates, events, and historical figures you need to know on the exam
    • Multiple examples
    • Testing tips specific to the Praxis II

    Science 5905:

    • Detailed explanations for 28+ skills
    • Multiple examples with detailed figures
    • Testing tips specific to the Praxis II
    • Exam specific vocabulary

    Is the Praxis 5091 hard to pass?

    While the Praxis 5901 is an elementary education test, the exam is rather large and complicated. The first-time pass rate for many Praxis exams is less than 50%, so it’s very important you do not underestimate the test.

    The Praxis 5901 consists of three subtests which are timed and scored separately.

    1. Math (5903) - 50 questions, 65 minutes
    2. Social studies (5904) - 60 questions, 60 minutes
    3. Science (5905) - 55 questions, 60 minutes

    Because the subtests are scored separately, you can pass all or some sections of the exam. If you pass some sections but not others, you can retake just the sections you were unsuccessful in. For example, if you pass the social studies and science sections but fail the math section, you will just retake the math the next time around.

    This test can be difficult for new teachers because they lack classroom experience. In addition, the test covers content you may not have studied since you were in elementary and middle school. For example, the math section covers algebra, geometry, and data analysis. In the social studies section, you’ll be asked about specifics on U.S. history, world history, and economics. In the science section, there are questions covering physical, earth and space, and life sciences. And while the math is considered elementary level, there are questions that cover algebra, geometry, and other complex concepts. Therefore, you’ll need to brush up on content you may have forgotten and skills you haven’t used in quite some time.

    But fear not! Our study guide covers it all.

    How many questions do I need to get right to pass the Praxis 5091?

    It is difficult to predict exactly how many questions you must get correct to pass the Praxis 5901 because a scale score is used rather than a raw score. This means that your raw score–how many you got correct–is put into a formula to calculate a scale score.

    To keep things simple, we recommend scoring at least a 75% on the practice tests before you go in to take the exam. Getting 75% of the questions correct when you practice indicates you are ready to take the actual test.

    Remember, each section of the exam is scored separately.

    If you would like to learn more about how Praxis exams are scored, check out this blog.

    Does the study guide have the same questions as the real exam?

    While our study guide is aligned with the test, it is against testing policy to share items on the actual exam. State tests are secure, standardized, and heavily regulated.

    There are hundreds of test questions in the item banks for each exam. When you take the exam, your version of the test will be different from other versions and will have questions randomly pulled from the item banks. This ensures test security, validity, and reliability. Trying to memorize what you think will be on your test is an exercise in futility. Instead, you should study the skills and content outlined in the specifications and blueprint of the exam.

    Everything in our study guide is aligned with the test specifications and blueprint for the exam. That way, you can review how the test is designed and what skills are assessed. The questions in our study guide are structured similarly to what you will encounter on test day, but they are not the same exact questions on the real exam.

    Is this the best study guide for the Praxis 5901?

    Obviously, we believe our study guide is the very best resource you can purchase to prepare for the Praxis 5901. Our study guide is 100% aligned with the exam. The guide is sectioned out by subtest, and within those subtests, we’ve aligned all of the information to the test specifications and blueprint. This ensures you are studying what you will see on test day—nothing more, nothing less.

    Each section includes practice items that align specifically with the skills you just studied, so you are familiar with the content you'll see on test day. In addition, we have detailed answer explanations for every question in our study guide. This ensures you know why you got something correct or incorrect. Finally, our study guide contains two full-length practice tests with answer explanations at the end of each subtest. Therefore, you have hundreds of practice questions to work with.

    We sort every practice test question by test skill. This helps you identify the skills in which you are low, so you can go back and study those aspects of the study guide. Knowing what skill the questions assess is a huge benefit to your studies.

    The study guide is an amazing resource to help you pass the Praxis 5901. However, you might need more support in one or more areas. In that case, we have a Praxis 5901 online course, which has video tutorials and extra practice. It also includes a digital study guide.

    Are there practice tests in the Praxis 5901 study guide?

    Yes. There are two full-length practice tests at the end of each subtest in our study guide, and practice test questions are scattered throughout the book. All of the questions are categorized by skill and contain detailed answer explanations.

    How long should I study for the Praxis 5901?

    People have a range of skill levels when it comes to this exam, so it is difficult for us to give you a specific number of days or hours you should spend on your studies. This exam covers expansive content for each section of the test, so we recommend short, incremental practice over time. This is much better than cramming all your studying into one or two weekends.

    What can I teach by passing the Praxis 5901?

    States use the Praxis Elementary Education 5901 to certify elementary teachers grades K-6. However, every state has its own requirements for certification, so be sure to visit your state’s Department of Education website to find out exactly what you’re required to do before registering for the exam or buying materials.

    What other study guides should I combine this with?

    Most states that use the Praxis exams also require teachers to pass the Praxis Core and the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT).

    If your state uses the Praxis 5901 subject-area exam, you’ll most likely be required to take the Praxis Teaching Reading 5205 exam. The Teaching Reading 5205 covers the language arts and reading content missing from the Praxis 5901.

    Depending on the state in which you are seeking certification, this will vary. That’s why it is extremely important to check with your state’s Department of Education before you purchase test prep materials to determine exactly which tests are required.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Karen Proctor

    I had to retake Math and Social Studies portions of this bundle. The prior study material I had wasn't enough. This study guide helped me pass both tests. Now, I can move forward!

    Byron Tolbert
    Great for math and science!

    Well-organized to hone in on the areas needed to study for Math and Science. The Social Studies was good, but many of the questions on the test weren't a topic listed on the guide. Overall, great, and I passed with flying colors!


    I think that this is the perfect prep material for anyone looking to prepare for the 5901. I passed mine with flying colors! Thanks kathleen

    Kristina Villaescusa

    It’s been a great study guide let’s see if I can pass that test on the first try. I know I’ll be able to pass it eventually with the study guide

    Alexis Howell
    Awesome study guides

    I love how everything is mapped out for you.