Praxis Core Test Prep

We offer several ways to prepare for the Praxis® Core. All of our Praxis Core study guides, courses, and practice tests are aligned specifically to the test and provide relevant material that mirrors the skills and content you will see on the exam. Check out our free webinars for the Praxis Core Exams.
  • Online Courses– These are comprehensive test preparation programs that include the digital version of the book, short and long videos, practice test questions, pre-tests and post-tests.
  • Study Guides – Our Praxis® Core study guides contain written content and strategies for the exam as well as practice tests with questions relevant to the exam.  
  • Individual Subtests - You can purchase the courses and the digital study guides separately if you only need one section of the exam. For example, if you only need to pass the Praxis Core Math 5733, you can buy that section of the course or that digital study guide only.


This is the same test as the praxis Core. If you are preparing for the Praxis 5752 Combined, you can use the Praxis Core study guide or online course.