Think Like a Test Maker ESOL/ESL Study GuIde and Online Course

Pass Your ESOL/ESL Certification Exam FAST with Our Superior Study Guide & Online Course

We've meticulously designed our high-quality ESOL/ESL study guide and comprehensive online course to align flawlessly with most ESOL/ESL test specifications and blueprints across several states, ensuring a pinpointed and strategic approach to your exam preparation.

The materials will help you the ANY ESOL/ESL teacher certification exam, regardless of what state you are seeking certification in. These study materials are aligned to the following exams:

  • Praxis ESOL 5362
  • TExES  ESL 154
  • MTEL ESL 54

ESOL/ESL Study Guide

Our Praxis ESOL/ESL study guide is filled with important information, skills and practice, and hundreds of practice test questions, giving you a tangible way to assess your understanding and enhance your exam readiness. When coupled with our expert Think Like a Test Maker test strategies, this guide provides the knowledge and blueprint you need to navigate the exams with confidence.

Our ESOL Online Course offers a customized and immersive learning experience. This self-paced course comprises tutorial videos that cover every exam section, imparting a comprehensive and engaging understanding of the test content. For an ideal blend of textual and visual learning aids, every online course purchase includes a digital version of our study guide.

Key Features of our ESOL/ESL Study Materials:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: We referenced several states' test specifications and blueprints, including the Praxis ESOL 5362, TExES ESL 154, and the MTEL ESL 54 to build the most comprehensive study materials for this exam.
  • Practice Test Questions: Hundreds of practice test questions with detailed answer choices are incorporated to boost your exam readiness.
  • Good Words List: We have complied a list of good words to look for in the correct answer choices helping you to Think Like a Test Maker and pas your exam. 
  • Comprehensive Writing Prep: Learn how to effectively write to any prompt on the ESOL/ESL test when you use our study guide or online course. This section contains several writing prompts you can practice with and sample essays you can use to analyze your writing.
  • Self-Paced Online Course: Our online course offers a full tutorial videos that covers all content categories of the exam, offering a robust and engaging learning experience.
  • Included Study Guide: Each online course purchase comes with a digital version of our comprehensive study guide, equipping you with all the tools you need to excel on the exam. 

Get ready to conquer the ESOL/ESL teacher certification exam. Kathleen Jasper is your guide in achieving exceptional Praxis scores. Start your preparation journey with us today!