Kathleen Jasper, Ed.D.

I'm Kathleen Jasper, and for the last 8 years, I've been helping prospective teachers and school leaders pass their certification exams and get the positions they want in education. To date, I've helped over 80,000 educators during their certification journeys. 

I've had many positions in public education. I started off as a substitute teacher and went through the certification process you are going through right now.  I was hired as a high school reading and biology teacher, and a couple years later had the opportunity to work in curriculum at the district office. Finally, I became a high school assistant principal. 

I left public education to start my own company, Kathleen Jasper LLC, and now I write study guides, conduct online courses, create content, and more to help you pass your exams and land your desired position.

I am thrilled you're here. Thank you for taking the time to review my content and purchase my products. It means the world to me to help educators all over the country.