Think Like a Test Maker ESOL/ESL Online Course & Study Guide

Think Like a Test Maker ESOL/ESL Online Course & Study Guide

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IMPORTANT: Online courses come with their corresponding digital study guides. Therefore, you do not have to buy the digital book when you buy the online course.
This is a full ESOL/ESL course that covers all content and skills assessed on all ESOL and ESL exams. Along with the video instruction, the course includes:
  • 2 hour webinar
  • A full study guide with over 200 practice test questions 
  • A full practice test with answer explanations
  • PowerPoints and Resources

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Think Like a Test Maker ESOL/ESL Online Course & Study Guide

Marliani Oquendo

Think Like a Test Maker ESOL/ESL Online Course & Study Guide

Kathryn Mauro
Thanks, Kathleen!

I have been an English teacher for ten years and was told at the end of last school year that I needed my ESOL certification (and quickly!) in order to teach a specific class this coming school year. I bought this course this past Monday and took my ESOL Praxis this morning (just a few days later). My raw score (of 182) indicates that I passed! This is in large part due to Kathleen and her course. I did NOT feel like reading a hundreds of pages long Praxis book so I bought this instead. The study guide is lengthy but much more manageable than the aforementioned book. On Tuesday I listened to the webinar and took notes. On Wednesday I worked through the study guide, taking note and completing the practice questions at the end of each section. This morning, before taking my exam, I worked through the practice test sent to me by the ETS. I never ended up having the time to complete Kathleen's practice tests, but she graciously includes two 120 question practice tests (with answers and answer explanations) in this course. There were a couple of minor spelling and grammatical errors in the study guide (to be expected in such a long document) but they do not detract from the product. Even though my Praxis exam had some obscure questions that Kathleen hadn't gone over in the study guide (again, to be expected -- her study guide is a well put together summary of ESOL certification tests), her test taking tips are great and she has a very simple and streamlined way of presenting information. I especially loved the good words/bad words pages. I'd recommend this product to anyone in need of their ESOL certification, without hesitation! Thanks, Kathleen!


I NEVER EVER take a test without using Dr. Jasper's materials and to date I have NEVER failed a test. GK, Subject Area, Professional ED, Reading k-12 and now ESOL k-12. More than those passing grades is the practical and actionable infomation that she teaches. My only reget is she was not the A.P. at my school. What an amazing academic and instructional coach she must have been. Take in as much of Dr. Jasper as you can to operate a classroom that will breed successful students!