SLLA 6990 Complete Online course
Kathleen Jasper

SLLA 6990 Complete Online course

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The SLLA 6990 online course is a complete program that includes the SLLA 6990 study guide, hours of video content for every category, practice tests, detailed answer explanations, and more. The course is aligned to the test blueprint and specifications and covers: 
  • Content Category I: Strategic Leadership
  • Content Category II: Instructional Leadership
  • Content Category III: Climate and Cultural Leadership
  • Content Category IV: Ethical Leadership
  • Content Category V: Organizational Leadership
  • Content Category VI: Community Engagement Leadership
  • Content Category VII: Analysis Constructed Response (CR)

This online course includes:

  • SLLA 6990 digital study guide
  • Videos that provide comprehensive guidance for all skills assess on the exam
  • Strategies and tips to manage time
  • Detailed analysis of answer choices and elimination strategies
  • Video tutorial of the multiple-choice and writing portions of the exam
  • Progress tracking
  • Audio and visual features
  • Video explanations of practice questions
  • Detailed writing practice videos and explanations

This online course also comes with the digital book which includes:

  1. Detailed descriptions of the all content categories
  2. 10 practice problems after each content category
  3. Full practice test
  4. 120 practice questions
  5. Detailed answer explanations for every practice question
  6. 8 constructed response prompts for writing practice
  7. Additional critical thinking practice for each subtest

Customer Reviews

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Best Online Course Ever!!!!

This was my 3rd time preparing the the Leadership exam. Kathleen's course is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST OUT THERE!!!! The study guide and this course touched on all the learning styles which was what helped me PASS!!!!!! The videos are great quality and Kathleen is absolutely wonderful at teaching the material as well as extremely personable. I enjoyed watching every video and learning as she taught it. She made studying for this exam a very good experience!

If you do not purchase this course you are doing yourself a disservice!!! A HUGE DISSERVICE!!!

Thank you so much for this amazing review. I am thrilled for you and for your success on the exam. Well done and thank you for using our resources.

Outstanding Resource!

NavaED's videos and workbooks helped me pass the SLLA assessment. I recommend these resources to anyone looking for study material to prepare for the SLLA 6990 test. The videos and practice tests were extremely helpful. The section for the written portion of the test included relevant examples and a step-by-step approach for writing a thorough constructed response. Thank you, NavaED!

I am thrilled you found the SLLA resources helpful. Thank you so much for the thoughtful review.

NavaED helped prepare me to renew my certification.

Approximately 20 years ago, I completed my Rank and obtained a principalship endorsement. I never intended on becoming a principal, so I allowed this certification to expire. Then, earlier this year, an administrative opportunity in my school district was brought to my attention and offered to me. I was very interested, but was no longer certified. In order to renew my certification, I had to either complete 6 college hours in Educational Leadership or successfully pass the test again. I decided that I couldn’t afford the college hours, and began to focus on retaking the test. Since I had easily passed the test the first time I took it, I was feeling pretty confident. However, a few days later, I discovered that my state had recently adopted the SLLA 6990 to serve as the new leadership assessment. Upon researching the 6990, I began to get nervous and have very doubtful feelings about passing it. Thankfully, while searching for resources to study for the 6990, I discovered NavaED. After successfully completing NavaED’s SLLA 6990 online course, my confidence was restored. One month later, I passed the SLLA 6990, exceeding my state’s score requirements by twenty points! As of recently, I have assumed my new role of school administrator. Thank you Kathleen. NavaED is a valuable resource.

Wow Jeff. Well done. Thank you so much for using my resources and for the thoughtful review. The SLLA is NOT easy. Great job!

Akim Mansaray
Prepared me for success in a week!

This was an awesome resource that prepared me for the test in a week! It, along with the YouTube free videos provided by NavaED, allowed me to pass the exam as someone who has not taken any traditional collegiate courses in administration/leadership. I have tried many other resources and can undoubtedly say these materials are designed in the BEST curricular way to guide test takers to success!

Well done on your exam! The SLLA is a tough test. Thank you so much for using our resources and for the thoughtful review.

Dennisse Melendez
Excellent resourse

The online course presents each part in detail and provide many examples to practice. I am using it for the FELE. Also Dr. Jasper's experiences help you understand the content. Thank you for helping us with your products!!

Thank you so much for using our resources and for the thoughtful review.