Praxis Special Education 5354 - Digital Study Guide
Kathleen Jasper

Praxis Special Education 5354 - Digital Study Guide

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Pass the Praxis Special Education Core Knowledge and Applications 5354 

The Praxis Special Education 5354 study guide is fully aligned to the skills and categories assessed on the Praxis Special Education test. The study guide has tons of information and sample practice test questions that cover everything on the test. Pass your exam the first time when you use this study guide. The Praxis 5354 study guide includes:
  • Detailed sections for each content category that cover everything from the test specifications, so you know exactly what to study for the exam.
  • A full, 120-question practice test with detailed answer explanations organized by competency, so you can see exactly why you got something right or wrong and in what category.
  • 10 practice test questions with detailed answer explanations after each content category, so you can see exactly how those specific types of questions will look on the exam.
  • Practice test questions similar to the exam, so you study relevant material.
  • Quick tips and strategies throughout the study guide, so you can think like a test maker and not a test taker.
  • Detailed answer explanations for every test question in the study guide, so you know exactly why you answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Good Words List to help you identify correct answer choices and eliminate bad answer choices quickly, so you can be strategic and successful on test day.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Sandridge

Praxis Special Education 5354 - Digital Study Guide

Cliff Liwanag
Worth every penny!

It was 2 days away from my exam that I purchased this study guide. I read it from cover to cover. I was really hoping for a passing score of at least 163 but I got so surprised when I saw my score. I got 179!!! Thank you so much Kathleen Jasper for all you do! You are amazing!

Leah Lee
Passed with a 188

This book was great. I used it for literally 2 days and went from a 160, 2 points below what i needed for Maryland, to a 188 on the actual PRAXIS. Only thing I’d say is that the author needs to go back and do some basic editing!

Yisaris Quiles

Praxis Special Education 5354 - Digital Study Guide

Jennifer Williams
Quality Study Materials

I am working on a masters in special education. Some of the professors who are selected to teach the courses are HORRIBLE. As a result, I have to learn the materials on my own. Learning the materials on my own has caused me to have a lot of disjointed material in my head and not VERY CLEAR on how it is tied together. However, after listening several of Kathleen Jasper's (KJ) YouTube videos I ordered three of her study guides. KJ has the GIFT of teaching and her gift has helped me 100% in my confidence to take the state SpEd. test. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the KJ brand.