How to Calculate your Praxis Score

How many do I have to get correct to pass the Praxis test?

There are no definitive passing scores on the Praxis; each state sets its own standard, and each test’s raw score is weighted differently. However, you can figure out how many you need to get correct to pass by figuring out your state's requirements and calculating your scale score using the methods below.

Most Praxis test include a scale score range from 100-200 points. You can look up your state's passing Praxis score by clicking this link.

All Praxis tests are scored the same way. Each correct selected-response question is worth one raw point. However, you may get questions that have more than one correct answer; they ask you to choose all that apply.Those are worth more. For example, if a constructed response question says, "choose all that apply," and there are 3 correct answers, that question is worth 3 raw points.

Exams with Constructed Response Questions

Some Praxis tests require the test taker to write a short essay. These are called constructed response questions. Constructed response questions are scored by trained educational professionals. Two scorers will independently rate each of your written responses, and a third will weigh in if the two graders do not agree within one point.

Usually, tests with a constructed response section allocate 25% of the overall score to the constructed response. For example, on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT), the selected response part of the test is worth 75% of the overall score, and the constructed response is worth 25% of the overall score.

Now for the crazy part: how to convert your raw score to a scale score, so you can figure out how many you need to get correct to pass.

For a straight selected response test with no constructed response, such as the Praxis Core Math test, all you do is take your raw score and divide by the total to get the percentage you got correct.

For example, let's say on the Praxis Core Math your raw score is 35. That means you got 35/56 because there are 56 total questions on the Praxis Core Math. Next, divide 35 by 56, and you get 62.5% or a 63%. Then drop the percent sign and add 100 to get your scale score. In this case, that would be 163, which is passing in most states.

If the test has a constructed response section, that can be a bit trickier. Let's use the PLT as an example--the selected response section is worth 75% of the overall score and the constructed response section is worth 25% of the overall score.

So, let's say you got 50/70 on the selected response; take 50 and divide it by 70 to get 0.71. However, that score is 75% of the total score. Therefore, you must multiple 0.71 by 75% or 0.75.

0.71 x 0.75 = 0.53 or 53%.

We're not done. Now for the constructed response. On the PLT there is a total of 4 possible constructed response points. You could get a perfect score of 4, but let's use caution and say you get a 3/4 or 75%. Just like above, that is only a portion of the test; that 75% is worth 25% of your total score, so you must multiple it by 25%.

0.75 x 0.25 = 0.187 or 0.19 or 19%.

Now combine the selected response and constructed response scores.

19% + 53% = 72%

Drop the percent and add 100. The scale score is about 172. We sayabout because some of the selected response questions could be worth more because of the choose all that apply option discussed above.

That means you can miss approximately 20 questions on the selected response (50/70) and 1 point on the constructed response (3/4) and still get a 172 on the test. Most states require a 157-160 on the PLT. Therefore, in this case, you pass!

Suggested Video: How to Calculate your PLT Score

Use this method for your exam to figure out how many you can miss and still pass. The total points and total questions are in the test blueprint in the ETS Praxis Study Companion.

Praxis Blue Print

IMPORTANT: This method will not always get you the exact score you need. Like we said above, some selected response questions are worth more than one point. Therefore, you should factor in a couple of extra points as a buffer when thinking about how many you can miss and still pass.

Score Reports

Most people will receive their official Praxis scores within a month after taking the exams. When you receive a Praxis score report, it will include the following information:

  • Your scaled score (and whether you passed)
  • The range of scores from all test takers for this test version
  • The total raw points possible in each category
  • The middle 50% range of raw scores for all test takers
  • The highest score you have earned on each Praxis test you’ve taken in the past decade

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