Understanding the New Praxis 7001 Elementary Education Exam

The Praxis 7001 Elementary Education exam is a new and updated test that will take effect for many individuals required to take it starting September 2024. While not all states have adopted this new test yet, some have, and others are still deciding. This blog aims to break down the changes and provide insights into the new test structure.

Introduction to the Praxis 7001 Elementary Education

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The new Praxis 7001 is a modified version of the traditional Praxis 5001 exam. Though both tests are similar, there are key differences that test-takers should be aware of. Our new Praxis 7001 book is now available to help you navigate these changes.

The subtests of the Praxis 7001 Elementary Education are:

  1. Teaching Reading (7002)
  2. Mathematics (7003)
  3. Social Studies (7004)
  4. Science (7005)

Key Differences Between the 5001 and 7001

Structure and Content: The 7001 exam features changes primarily in the Reading and Language Arts portion, now called the "Teaching Reading" subtest. The rest of the exam, which includes mathematics, social studies, and science, remains largely the same.

Old Exam (5001)

  • Four subtests: Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Reading and Language Arts 5002 has two content categories: I. Reading and II. Writing, Speaking, and Listening.
New Exam (7001)
  • Four subtests: Teaching Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Teaching Reading 7002 has five main content categories, and in my book, I have added the sixth content category which is assessment: data-driven decisions in reading instruction.

    Blueprint Comparisons:

    The new blueprint for the Teaching Reading subtest (7002) is more robust than the old Reading and Language Arts subtest (5002). It now includes detailed categories focusing on phonics and decoding, vocabulary and fluency, etc.

    Time and Questions:

    • The new test allocates more time for the Teaching Reading 7002 section (20 extra minutes for the same number of questions due to increased complexity).
    • Reduced number of questions in Mathematics (50 to 40), Social Studies (60 to 55), and Science (55 to 50). You will get 55 minutes each for those three sections.
    Teaching Reading Subtest (7002) Details

    The Teaching Reading subtest is heavily focused on the science of reading instruction, which is crucial for elementary education teachers. It emphasizes a systematic, explicit, and recursive approach.

    Content Categories:

    I.   Phonological and Phonemic Awareness and Emergent Literacy
    II.  Phonics and Decoding
    III. Vocabulary and Fluency
    IV. Comprehension of Literary and Informational Text
    V.  Written Expression
    VI. Assessment: Data-Driven Decisions in Reading Instruction

    Watch this video to learn more.

    The new Praxis 7001 Elementary Education exam emphasizes a comprehensive approach to teaching reading, aligning closely with current educational standards and best practices. With our new Praxis 7001 book, you can navigate these changes effectively and ensure you are well-prepared for test day. Stay updated with state-specific adoption of the new test and focus on mastering the systematic approach to teaching reading to excel in your teaching career.

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