What Praxis Exam Do I Have to Take?

Many aspiring teachers often ask, "Which Praxis exams do I need to take to become certified?” In this blog post, we'll break down the steps to identify the correct certification exams for your teaching career. Remember that the requirements can vary greatly depending on the state.

Understanding State-Specific Certification Requirements

Each state in the U.S. has its own set of requirements for teacher certification. The exams you need to take and pass are determined by the state's Department of Education. The primary companies that create these certification exams are Pearson and ETS (Educational Testing Service).

Key Points to Consider:

State-Specific Exams: Every state decides independently how it wants its teachers to be certified. This includes selecting which exams to administer.

Types of Exams: There are various exams for different education levels and subjects. For example, elementary education exams, math exams, science of teaching reading exams, and more.

Exam Providers: Your state might use Pearson exams, ETS exams (like Praxis), or a combination of both.

    Steps to Identify Your Required Exams

    1. Visit Your State’s Department of Education Website: This is the most reliable source for certification requirements. Look for the certification or licensure section.
    2. Understand the Providers: Determine if your state uses Pearson, ETS, or both for their exams. This will guide you on where to find study materials and registration information.
    3. Check Specific Exam Requirements: Each state lists the specific exams required for different teaching certifications. Make sure to note down the exact exams you need to prepare for.

    Using the ETS Website

    If your state uses ETS for certification exams, the ETS website provides detailed information on state requirements. Here’s a quick guide on how to navigate it:

    Google Search: Use the term "Praxis scores by state" to find the ETS page that details state-specific requirements.

    State Requirements and Score Requirements: These sections will show you which tests are required and the passing scores for your state.

    State Selection: Choose your state to see a list of required exams. For example, if you select New Jersey, you’ll see all the Praxis exams required for various certifications.

        Final Tips

        • Double-Check Requirements: Always verify the information on the official State Department of Education website. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date requirements.
        • Prepare Accordingly: Once you know which exams you need, invest in the right study materials tailored to those specific tests. Our study materials are aligned with the ETS exam blueprints and test specifications for the Praxis exams, but it’s crucial to match them with your state's specifications.
        • Budget Wisely: Certification exams can be expensive. Avoid unnecessary expenses by confirming your required exams before purchasing study guides or registering for tests.

        Determining which Praxis exams to take is essential in your journey to becoming a certified teacher. By thoroughly researching your state's requirements and understanding the specific exams needed, you can effectively prepare and increase your chances of success. Remember, the first step is always to check with your State Department of Education, and from there, you can utilize resources like the ETS website to further clarify your path.

        Discover a wealth of comprehensive resources on our website, tailored to support you in achieving your certification goals. Happy studying, and best of luck on your journey to becoming a certified teacher!

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