Start the school year with success by learning how to 

Lesson Plan Effectively

Learn everything you need to start the school year with success with my free webinar on lesson planning. This is something many new teachers need help with. The webinar has a lesson plan template you can modify to fit your needs. In the webinar, I'll review standards, how to turn them into objectives, and how to make them into weekly lesson plans. I'll also show you how to save time by using ChatGPT during the process.

You'll learn how to:

Understand academic standards and how to use them to plan.

Turn those standards into objectives to drive learning in the classroom.

Use ChatGPT to not only save time and energy but also to generate lesson ideas.

Find a method that works for you as you start the new year with success.

You'll get:

Access to the live webinar

A FREE template

Replay link


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