Free Praxis 5001 Practice Test

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive Praxis 5001 Elementary Education Multiple Subjects free practice test. Designed by test prep experts, our practice exam mirrors the structure and content of the actual test to provide you with the most authentic testing experience. Dive deep into each subject area, measure your readiness, and enhance your test-taking confidence. Begin your journey towards teacher certification excellence with our leading-edge resources. 

What is the best way to study for the Praxis 5001?

Before delving into specific strategies, it is paramount to familiarize oneself with the structure of the test. This assessment comprises four subtests: Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Consequently, an in-depth comprehension of each subject area and a grasp of the question format can guide a streamlined study process.

A methodical and structured approach to preparation can significantly enhance the chances of success. Emphasizing active study techniques, such as summarization and self-testing, rather than passive reading, can boost retention and understanding. 

Here are some steps we recommend:

  • Familiarize oneself with the four sub-tests: Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.
  • Understand the question format and time constraints by reviewing the official study companion.
  • Employ active study techniques: summarization, mind-mapping, and self-quizzing.
  • Utilize official Praxis 5001 study guides for authentic question formats and content outlines.
  • Integrate diverse resources such as test prep books, online courses, and educator forums for comprehensive preparation.
  • Dedicate consistent study time daily. Remember, incremental practice over longer periods of time is ideal. We recommend 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Consider joining or forming study groups for collaborative learning and diverse insights.

How many questions do I need to get right to pass the Praxis 5001, 5002, 5003, 5004, and 5005?

ETS, the company that makes the praxis exams, uses a scale score rather than a raw score to grade your test. This means they take the number you got correct out of the total questions on the exam and convert it using a statistical measure. It's complicated. However, we recommend scoring at least 75% on the practice tests before taking the exam. 

IMPORTANT: Just because you score 75% correct doesn't mean you will ace the test, but in our experience, consistently scoring a 75% or higher means you should be ready for the actual test.

To learn more about calculating your Praxis score, check out this blog and watch the video below. 


What is the highest score you can get on the Praxis 5001?

As mentioned above, a scale score is used to score your exam. The scale score ranges from 100-200, with 200 being the highest you can get. You do not need to score perfectly to pass this exam. In fact, you need a low C, if you're thinking in terms of traditional grades, to pass this exam. 

Here are the scores mosts states require for teacher certification.

  • Passing score for the Praxis 5002 - Most states require at least a 157 to pass this subtest. However, South Dakota and Kentucky require a 150 and 151, respectively.
  • Passing Score for the Praxis 5003 - Most states require at least a 157 to pass this subtest. However, South Dakota and Kentucky require a 146 and 148, respectively.
  • Passing Score for the Praxis 5004 - Most states require at least a 155 to pass this subtest. However, South Dakota and Kentucky require a 147 and 148, respectively, and Northern Mariana Islands requires a 157.
  • Passing Score for the Praxis 5005 - Most states require at least a 159  to pass this subtest. However, South Dakota and Kentucky require a 150 and 152, respectively, and Northern Mariana Islands requires a 157.

What is the difference between the official score and unofficial score on my Praxis test?

The unofficial score is the ratio of correct answers to questions, adjusted to the grading scale. The official score, released in the score report, is calculated the same way as the unofficial score but may be scaled for differences between test forms.

When will I get my Praxis scores?

Typically, you will get your unofficial score when you complete each subtest--it will be displayed on the screen when you complete the subtest. ETS then converts that into a scale score for an official score. 

Remember, each subtest is scored separately. 

Your official scores are emailed to you within three weeks from the time you took your exam. In this case, you will receive your scale score, which is between 100-200 points. 

There are times when people do not receive their unofficial scores after their test is completed. This can happen because of computer glitches or other circumstances. If this happens, try not to stress out. You'll just have to wait for the offical score via email.

Another reason you may not receive your unofficial score after you complete the test is if your test has a writing section. This is called a constructed response, and it takes more time to grade. In these cases, you will receive your official scores via email.

The Praxis 5001 is all selected response. There is no constructed response, so you should receive your unofficial score upon completion of the test.  

Is the unofficial score on Praxis accurate?

The unofficial score and official score typically match. There are times, however, when the unofficial score does not match the official. The official score, released in the score report, may be scaled for differences between test forms. The official score may also differ from the unofficial score because of a test center error or if a miscalculation needs to be fixed, but this is very rare. 

However, if you receive an unofficial passing score, you can assume your official score will also be passing. 

How do I convert my raw score to a scale score?

As you take practice tests, you may want to figure out if you are in the passing range. We do have a quick trick for figuring out your scale score from your unofficial raw score. 

  1. Take your raw score, which is how many you got correct, and divide it by the total number of questions on the test. 
  2. Take that number and turn it into a percent.
  3. Then drop the percent and add 100.

That will give you an estimated scale score. For tests that have constructed response sections, there are a few extra steps. However, the Praxis 5001 and its subtests do not have constructed response, so you can use this method to estimate your score. 

For example, let's say that you complete your Praxis 5002 Reading and Language Arts subtest, and your unofficial score is a 62. You can take the 62, divide by 80 (total number of questions) and get 77.5%. Round up to 78%, drop the percent and add 100, and you get 178. You can assume you passed.

IMPORTANT: This is an estimation. Scale scoring is a complex statistical process and involves many factors. To learn more about this, check out this blog.

What are the best resources for the Praxis 5001?

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Our 5001 study guide

includes all subtests

We are experts in the Praxis Elementary Education 5001 exam. In fact, we just published a second edition of our Praxis Elementary Education 5001 study guide. Our first edition study guide has over 750 five-star reviews on Amazon. We highly recommend the second edition because it has all the same amazing content as the first edition, plus extra practice tests and information.  

The subtests of the 5001 are:

  1. Reading and Language Arts (5002)
  2. Mathematics (5003
  3. Social Studies (5004)
  4. Science (5005)

What else should I do to prepare?

This is a very big exam with several subtests. If you are someone who struggles in any of the areas tested, we recommend our online course. The online course comes with hours of tutorial videos, visual elements, extra practice, and more. It also comes with the digital study guide. When you buy the course, you gget everything we offer for the exam. 

We tailor your learning to your specific needs. You can buy the full course with all four subtests, or you can buy just the subtest you need. 

To learn more about our Praxis 5001 online courses here.

What if I fail the Praxis 5001?

Many people are unsuccessful on this exam the first time around. You are not alone, so try not to beat yourself up if you did not pass all or some sections of the exam. Research shows that fewer then 50% of prospective teachers pass their exam the first time they take them.

The Praxis 5001 is a HUGE test. And while it is an elementary education exam, the questions are very difficult. If you are struggling to understand the content of the test, we recommend our comprehensive online course. 

Our Praxis 5001 online course has everything you need and includes the digital study guide. The course has hours of video content, which breaks down the content categories and skills assessed on the exam. Buy the full course or individual subtests.  

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