Praxis Test Prep: 5 Strategies for Passing Praxis Math

Praxis Math test prep

Many states require teachers to take and pass one or more Praxis exams for licensing and certifications. The Praxis examinations test their knowledge and teaching abilities. Teachers instructing students in specific subjects might be required to take one or more subject-specific Praxis exams. Individual state requirements determine the Praxis exams a teacher must take and pass to obtain a license.

This article discusses the Praxis Math Content Knowledge exam that many individuals must take to satisfy their state’s licensing requirements.

What Kind of Math is Covered on the Praxis Exam?

The Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge test covers key concepts teachers must know to instruct students. The test is given on a computer. It tests a person’s math content knowledge and problem-solving skills.

The subjects covered on the Praxis exam are divided into two categories.

Category One covers:

  • Number and quantity
  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Calculus

Category Two covers:

  • Geometry
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Probability
math praxis test prep

The test must be completed within 2.5 hours (150 minutes). Even though you might finish ahead of time, it is wise to mark any questions you could be unsure about to go back and check those responses.

How Many Questions are on the Math Content Praxis?

There are 60 questions on the Praxis Mathematics Content Knowledge Exam.

The questions are not evenly divided between the categories. The first category generally covers about two-thirds of the test or 40 questions. The remaining 20 questions cover the topics in the second category. However, the exact number can vary.

The test is taken online. Test-takers have access to an on-screen graphing calculator for the test.

What is the Passing Score for Math Praxis?

Passing Math Praxis scores vary by state. Some states require a grade of 160 or above to pass. Before taking the test, you should check your specific state requirements to determine the types of tests required for licensing and the passing scores for your specific state.

The score for the Praxis Math exam is based on the number of correct answers. Therefore, do not skip any questions. Using your best educated guess is better than leaving an answer blank.

Each correctly answered question is worth one raw point. However, questions with multiple correct responses (i.e., “choose all that apply”) are worth additional raw score points. Therefore, calculating your Math Praxis score requires converting the raw score into a scale score.

How Hard is the Praxis 2 Math?

The Praxis 2 Math exam is challenging. It covers a wide range of math topics. Therefore, you must be prepared to answer questions in multiple math subjects. Preparation is the key to obtaining a passing grade. Because of the range of topics covered, most individuals spend months studying and preparing to take the Praxis 2 Math exam.

math praxis test prep

How Do I Pass the Math Praxis?

When an individual uses study guides and practice tests, they are familiar with the types of questions asked on the test and the subjects covered by the test. Therefore, individuals who use study guides and practice exams generally score higher than those who try to study independently. Furthermore, individuals who use a variety of study tools have the best chance of passing the Math Praxis test.

What is the Best Way To Study for the Praxis 2?

Everyone studies differently for a test. Therefore, what works for one person might not work for you. However, we have found that the following tips for passing the Praxis 2 math test work well for everyone and increase your chance of passing the Praxis test:

  • Ensure you understand the structure and requirements for the examination. ETS provides the information for Praxis tests on its website as separate study guides.
  • Create a study plan. Now that you know what the Praxis Math test includes, you need to create a study plan that gives you sufficient time to cover each topic.
  • Choose study resources that give you the most benefit for your time, including online courses, free webinars, study guides, and practice tests.
  • Learn quick strategies for solving math problems to make the best use of your time to take the test
  • Use YouTube videos to work through the process of solving problems. 
  • Take a practice test before, during, and after you complete your study guide. to determine the areas you need to focus on while studying.
  • After taking a practice test, go through each incorrect answer and analyze why you missed the question. Then, learn how to arrive at the correct answer so you will not make the error again.
praxis test prep

In addition to studying the concepts and content included on the Praxis test, you also need to practice other test-taking skills. Take time to practice skills such as time management, using the process of elimination to narrow multiple choice questions, and educated guessing.

Take A Praxis Math Content Knowledge Practice Test Online

Practice tests are an essential element you need to prepare for the Praxis math test successfully. When you choose a source for your study guides, choose a study program that includes practice tests as part of the program. Taking the practice tests allows you to identify areas that need additional study before you take your test. We have comprehensive study programs for many Praxis exams. 

Find a program that fits your needs and that gives you all the materials and tools you need to study and pass the Praxis math examination.

praxis test prep
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