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What is the difference between digital study guides and online courses?

Digital Study Guides - The study guides are DIGITAL BOOKS in PDF form.

They are emailed to you immediately after you purchase. At checkout, be sure you enter the email you would like the study guide to go to. Also, check your spam folder, especially if you are using a school district email.

Study guides are just like what you would buy at the book store. They have information in them about the test and practice tests at the end of the book. The study guides we sell on our website are DIGITAL.

You can get physical study guides on our Amazon Prime page.

Online courses - These are self-paced, on-demand courses with video content.

Online courses are organized in modules and contain videos and extra practice. They also come with the digital study guide for the subject area, so when you buy the course you DO NOT have to also buy the book. Online courses have much more than just the study guide, and that is why they cost more than the study guide. 

After you purchase an online course, you will see a green button on the payment success page. Click it and you will be taken to our learning management system (LMS) at That is where you will be prompted to set you password and then log in. If for any reason you do not see the button, don't worry. You will receive a welcome email with a link that will take you to the same place to set your password and sign in. Check your spam/promotions folder; sometimes they end up there. All of the fields have to be filled out to trigger the action to send you over to the LMS, so be sure you type your email address correctly, and be sure to enter your first and last name. 

For troubleshooting tips and tricks for online courses, click here: